Helping hospitality Go Low Carbon

Uphoding the mission to help build greener hotles and cleaner planet, GCS always keeps environmental protection in mind. We launched the R&D and production of eco- friendly key cards early on in response to our hotel clients' transformation to more sustainability.

In the global trend of environmental protection and the government's call for low-carbon development, GCS is constantly evolving.


Forest Stewardship Council Certified

We're the first in the industry to get certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ) with our patented electronic label wooden key cards. Our wooden materials come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable forests. Some of the raw materials are from waste wood, and we take advantage of technology and craftsmanship to rejuvenate them into delicate wooden key cards and a series of wooden products. The process doesn't involve forest destruction. It helps a lot of wood waste to be reused.

Plastic Reducing Advocate
By providing a series of low- carbon hotel products and solutions, GCS are helping more and more hotels reduce plastic, achieve low carbon goals and realize sustainable development.

High- Quality Reuseful Products
Comparing to single- use plastic ones, GCS key cards are as durable but much more friendly to the environement. GCS products are of high quality. Our hotel key cards and pens can be recycled and reused a lot of times before they go to landfills.

GCS材质 final