GCS 3000 RFID Encoding & Testing Machine

  • Reliable IC card production equipment. Maximum speed can reach up to 7500–8000 sheets per hour.
  • Customized modules based on different requirements.
  • Protects cards properly with non-scratching.
  • Stable performance with a fault rate of below 3%.
  • Equipment hardware maintenance, updating, and adjustment of system parameters are simple. Consumables spare parts are easy to replace & are cost-effective.
  • Personalized logic accuracy can reach up to 100%.
  • High reliability available for 24/7 continuous production.
  • No electromagnetic interference in the chip-reading area.
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Dimensions (l, w, h)1130mm x 360mm x 650mm
Power Supply220v (-5% ~ 10%), 0.75kw
Air Supply (Compressed Air)0.6mpa
Card Hopper Capacity400 pieces in each single card box

Premium Equipment

Configured devices of main modules and features include:

Software system module (one, including a card control system)

Charting module

Contact-based IC card module

Power: 2kw

Laser printing module (reserved)

Receiving module

Invalid card collecting module

Overlapping card and OCR test module (serial number testing)

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Antenna & RFID Chip Setting Machines

GCS-AEM10-4000 Full-Auto Medium Speed Antenna Embedding Machine

  • Domestic, ultrasonic, buried line technology with high stability. Easy to debug and maintain.
  • Double space-alternating movement, refueling equipment when fully operational, and improves production efficiency.
  • Replacing embedded wire process with flexible, strong compatibility.
  • Material installation: pin positioning, vacuum adsorption, convenient and easy to adjust, change of material.
  • Imported servo positioning system to ensure the precision of the embedded wire with high repeat precision.
  • Concise, clear interface, and simple operation.
  • All the moving parts adopted the enclosed movement pattern for more assured safety operation.
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Dimensions (l, w, h)1800mm × 120mm × 1760mm
Electric SourceAC220 50/60HZ 25A
Compressed Air6kg
Gas Consumption100l/min
Control ModePC + motion control card + servo positioning
Precision Adjustment0.01mm
Appliance Product0.1-0.15 paint copper wire, PVC/ABS etc
Operation Staff1 person
Production SpeedIn a single head, 8 seconds a coil (5 rings), equipment can be installed on the 1-10 stitches
Yield Rate99.9%
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GCS-SFPHJ-6000 Chip Bounding machine for Inlay Production

  • Machine Bounds Chip tin pad and antenna automatically. Current invert weld machine brings accurate weld by stable and adjustable energy. The pressure of weld head is adjustable also. It makes high connection quality between Chip tin pad and antenna.
  • No need for compressed air. Low operation sound.
  • Can work with different layout inlay.
  • Material controlled by locating PIN. Easy to adjust.
  • PC and industrial personal computer together with a servo positioning system to ensure bounding accuracy.
  • Simple, clear display screen and easy to operate.
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Dimensions (l, w, h)~ 1400mm x 1350mm x 1800mm
ControlPC + Servo System + Movement Control Card
Operate1 Person
Bounding Head1 - 6
VoltageAC220 50/60HZ 25A
Production Speed4000/H (160 sheet inlay)
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GCS-MF/COB-8000 High-Speed Mounting Machine

  • The chip is put into the vibration plate, which will automatically detect the chip and move it to the chip position.
  • The vibration plate can store a large number of chips, so as to avoid the insufficient supply of chip when the mounting head is moved back and forth to pick up the chip, which leads to the decrease of output.
  • The processing layout can be changed at will. The a-b version can run two different layouts at the same time without interference. Chip placement parameters can also be adjusted independently, which improves the efficiency of the equipment.
  • The PLC program controls the double-axis movement and the high-precision positioning of servo to ensure the precision of chip placement.
  • Concise, clear operation interface and simple operation mode, so that operators know the equipment well.
  • All the moving parts adopt closed motion mode, so that the staff can be more confident and safe in operation.
Dimensions (l, w, h)2100mm x 1300mm x 1800mm
Electric SourceAC220 50/60HZ 25A
Compressed Air6kg/cm²
Air Consumption400L/min
Control ModePLC + servo positioning
AccuracyScale of servo system = 0.01mm
Accuracy Adjustment±0.02-0.05mm
Applicable MaterialsBulk COB module
Operator1 person
Output Rate8000 ~ 10000/h (for 8 heads)
Product Percent of Pass99.9%


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